Soundshower, a facility in a public place

1998, 11 Soundshowers by Rynander/Sandberg Team were installed at Gardermoen, the main Airport in Oslo as part of the artistic decoration.

The intention was to create a new kind of facility for visitors in a public place - a Soundshower. In this particular case, an Airport and a Railway Station.

Relax, take a Soundshower! Just enter the circle shaped floor mark and a positive refreshing sound will start. The sound is clearly audible for the user but virtually suppressed for others due to a custom designed sound lens.

The Soundshower is equipped with a computer, a digital sound library and a control program which contains random parameters and rules for how the sounds shall be assembled. The computer executes the control program and the sound stream is composed in real time, which creates a unique experience each visit.

Each Soundshower has it's own sound. The sound varies from sea waves, bird songs and a babbling baby to positive words derived from and whispered by positive norwegian persons such as a sami shaman, a polar explorer or an IT guru.

As for other facilities, the Soundshowers are equipped with pictogram and signs which are integrated into a central sign-plan.

Location, design and integration of the Soundshowers at Gardermoen have been made in cooperation with OSL, NSB and Aviaplan AS. Production and installation of pillars, armatures, pictograms, signs and floor markings has been conducted mostly by sub suppliers already connected to the Airport.


Soundshower on Tour
National Touring Exhibitions, Norway 2001-2003.

A piece of plagiarism
Theft of Soundshower concept, Ultima october 2002.

"Sound for airports"
Article by Oliver Lowenstein, Fourth Door Research.

"Sound in the future"
Article on the BBC

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