Ultima october 2002

No one contacted Rynander/Sandberg before installing 16 Soundshower "Imitations" at Oslo Main Railway station. No reference, no credits were made to the original Gardermoen Soundshowers or to Rynander/Sandberg, neither at the installation nor at the Festival.

"I claim that Notam's Soundshower Installation at Oslo Central Station is so close to my 'Soundshower concept' at Gardermoen Airport that my artistic copyright is threatened.

I state that my 'Soundshower concept' is defined by a combination of a line of elements:

A Paraboloid, a speaker directed to the Paraboloid, which focus the sound in ear height of a normal visitor, a sound hood (speaker body), mounting from ceiling or pillar, height of the paraboloid approximately 3,5 m, a circle on the floor to mark the zone where the sound is activated and is best heard, on/off interactivity with visitor, sound as Art Facility, Public Environment like Railway Station, Airport or similar place, literal interpretation of the Title 'Soundshower', Sounds from nature or whispering voices, Sounds that are composed on the fly which creates an unique experience each shower.

I state that the presentation form is the most important part of my work of Art, the idea with a Soundshower as a Facility in a Public Place, where the Visitor becomes a visible part of the Installation.

With my 'Soundshowers' at Gardermoen 'The Soundshower concept' becomes public domain in Norway. 'Everybody' knows about them, a lot of people have visit them."

Anna Karin Rynander

NRK1 and Notam are planning to internationally introduce their project as an original and unique idea.

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