1992 October 2
The Norwegian Parliament approved the construction of a new airport. At the same time a plan for the artistic decoration of the airport was drawn up with a budget of 18 million (NOK).

1995 March 13
The Main plan for integrated artistic decoration, first publication.

1995 October - 1996 January
Closed competition for the main artistic decoration of the Land side room and the Railway station, step 1 - development of ideas with 12 invited artists.

1996 February - June
Step 2 of the competition. Five of the artists were invited to developed their ideas into project descriptions. The budget for the Landside room was 4 million NOK and for the Railway station 1,8 million NOK

1996 June 27
The jury of the competition announced the two winners of the competition: Per Inge Björlo with "Alexis" and Anna Karin Rynander with "Human in Motion".

1996 September 13 - October 6
The result of the competition were presented as an exhibition on Stenersen Museum. At that exhibition a simple prototype of the Soundshower were installed at the exhibition together with a pointer sign with pictogram. A full-page article with the title Soundshower were published in VG, one of the main newspapers in Norway, with a picture of the Soundshower-prototype.

1997 June
A full-scale prototype were installed in one of the piers at Gardermoen.

1998 February
The six Soundshowers in the two piers were installed with working beta sound and software.

1998 May
The three Soundshowers in the Landside room were installed.

1998 August
The two Soundshowers at the Railway platform were installed.

1998 October 12
The official opening day of the Airport. All eleven Soundshowers with final sounds and software ready.

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