Rynander/Hvalbye Team

Anna Karin Rynander and Line Hvalbye started their cooperation in their last year at the Art Academy in Trondheim. 1991 they had their grand final in Trondheim with "ETWP", Art in an Easy To Watch Package.

The exhibition was so successful that Svein Thorud, director of "Kunsforeninga", decided to invite them to do a da capo during the summer, in connection with the Feast activities in Town, the King becoming the King of Norway an all.

So here they are shaking hands with the crown prince Håkon Magnus and the princess of Norway, as they stopped by watching great Art.

Rynander/Hvalby started HighEndART shortened HEART Studio together. They rented a studio at "Möllergate skole" in Oslo 1992 - 1994. Their contact has continued and they still make some projects now and then.

2007 HEART Studio celebrate their 15 Year Anniversary with their newest project "In Memory of Lilli".


Rynander/Hvalbye Projects


"Den dagen da håret brakk"

The Staircase Product


In Memory of Lilli


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