ETWP - Art in an Easy To Watch Package

ETWP was exhibited in the cellar of Trondheim's Art Association, 1991.

At the top of the stairs a single tv-monitor on a pillar was showing a high-pressure advertising, seducing people to go down the stairs.

In the cellar their were 3 video installations.

The children's' room used show-cases with toys from Anna Karin's and Line's childhood. Two 21'' tv sets monitored Super 8 and Double 8 films from the Artists' childhood and youth, filmed by Anna Karin's mother and Line's father. Things were placed at a low level inviting children to have a close look.

The Women's Room were a theatrical scenography of a female dressing room. Two 29'' tv sets showed a performance by the Artists drinking a full bottle of whiskey and making them-self's up talking nonsense. The two videos were shot synchronized in a studio with the same stenography as in the installation. The idea was to create a illusion of a makeup mirror. The set in the videos was constant while the two women Artists were faded in and out. The two women's toasted with each other moving their glasses and other stuff from one tv to the other. The whole room stank of perfume.

The Male Corridor showed seven Men as living torsos on pillars, using seven 14'' black tv sets. The Men were shot in front of a black background. Their upper part of the body were naked and black cloth were masking off the body forming it like torsos. The tv sets where placed on greek painted pillars in front of a wall covered with black cloth, completing the illusion of a corridor of sculptures. The Men were talking seriously about Art, smiling or just silently contemplating their position.

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