The Humming Bumble-Bee

Sound installation, Trondheim's Art Association, 1993.

The previous project "Homage Jackson Pollock" covered a two dimensional sound space, the canvas. A natural next step was to create a volume of sound. 9 synchronized sound channels were used to create a sound sculpture. The original sound was a recording of a humming Bumble-Bee.

When a visitor entered the room a sensor started the sound and the sculpture was invoked. "A humming Bumble-Bee circled around" the visitor as long as he/she was in motion in the center of the room. The loop sound lasted for 6 seconds but was repeated infinitely if continuously triggered

The sound volume was created by modulating a mono recorded sound in a custom software. The Artist could place the nine speakers on the computer screen and then draw the volume. Every output sound were burned into 1Mbit EPROM and placed on a custom made circuit board. The p.c.-boards were mounted behind a Plexiglas sandwich for the visitor to examine.

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