The Ant Hill

Video installation, "Strålende Bilder" ('Beaming Images'), Trondheim's Arts centre 1993, Norway.

The mirrors produced an effect of an infinite wall of TV monitors showing giant ants rushing out of a hole to the sound of ants resembling a frenetic building site.

A section of an anthill was shot with an infrared sensitive black & white tube video camera. A close-up-lens was used which reproduced an ant size of approximately 1/3 of the width of the TV screen. A 3 minute long scene was repeatedly copied onto 1 hour master tape which then was replayed on a 25 inch TV monitor. A section of the TV screen with the most aggressive ant-activity was partitioned in a 3 x 3 square matrix and each square was re shot directly from the screen, with the same camera and lens.The reproduction size of one ant, now covered approx. 3 TV-screens.

The sound of the anthill was recorded separately from the video-image. A part of the anthill was moved into a cardboard box and installed inside a sound isolated room. The sound of the ants moving was recorded with a high sensitive microphone. It sounded like a building site with frenetic activity. This sound were used unprocessed just altering the speed, a little to fast, then correct and then a little to slow. The ants were returned to the anthill after their performance.

The room was equipped with a light gate.

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